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Frequently asked questions

How can I find my user ID?

Your username for the E-Community is your WatIAM user ID. To retrieve your WatIAM user ID, use the WatIAM “Forgot User ID?” option. For those who have changed their last names since convocation, you will need to enter your former last name (the one you had as a student) in the “Last Name” field.

I can't remember my password. How do I look it up?

Your password for the E-Community is your WatIAM password. To retrieve your password,  use the “Forgot password?” option on the WatIAM Login Page. (You’ll need to enter your user ID in the “User ID” field before clicking on “Forgot Password?”.)

How do I change my password?

To change your password, you'll have to log in to your WatIAM user account and follow the instructions on the "Change my password" page.

Can I change my user ID?

Sorry, you cannot change your WatIAM user ID.  Your user ID is only visible to you unless you share it with others, and it is only used for authenticating you against university systems.

I thought I knew my WatIAM user ID and password, but I just can’t log in.

If you are unable to log in to the E-Community, please contact Alumni Relations, describing the problem in detail, and include your student number and WatIAM user ID.

If you are having difficulty logging in to WatIAM, please contact the IST Service Desk, describing the problem in detail, and include your student number and WatIAM user ID.

I've forgotten my WatIAM password, but I can’t remember the answers to my retrieval questions. What can I do?

Contact the IST Service Desk, describing the problem in detail, and include your student number.

Do I still have an email address?

If you have a WatIAM account then you have an email address based on your WatIAM user ID, along with extra "friendly" email address options that you are welcome to choose from. Your email addresses are managed in your WatIAM account. Log in, choose Update Profile, then the Email Configuration tab.

Some forwarding email addresses were grandfathered from the old system. If yours was grandfathered, it will be listed on your E-Community Profile, but you control the destination for it via your WatIAM account.

My email forwarding isn't working. What's wrong?

Please contact Alumni Relations, and include the full address of your email address and your student number (if you remember it), and we'll investigate.

My name is misspelled on the directory. How can I change it?

Please email the proper spelling of your name to us, and include your student number.

My preferred name or nickname is not included on the E-Community and everyone knew me by that name. How can I add it?

When you log in to the E-Community, select "My profile" from the left menu. When you edit your profile, there will be a field asking for a preferred name. When you enter your preferred name in that field and submit the changes to your profile, our team will be notified and will update your profile. (Note: It may take a few days to update your profile.)

My married name shows up in the directory, but my classmates know me by my maiden name. How can I change this?

Please email us both your married and maiden names. We will add them to your profile so anyone doing a search will be able to find you by either your married or maiden name. Please include your student number.

I found my friends in the alumni directory. How do I contact them?

Click on their name, and the page will show you any information that they have made viewable to other alumni. If they have posted contact information, you can simply go ahead and contact them.

If they have not posted any contact information, you can use the "Contact this alumnus" function.  If they've allowed other alumni to contact them through the E-Community, any message you send through this function will be emailed to them, along with the contact information you provide.  If they have not, your message will be sent to Alumni Relations, and we will look up their contact information on file and attempt to send them your message on your behalf.

Due to privacy, we will not release any of their contact information to you - you can only contact alumni directly if they've made their contact information public on their profile (i.e. viewable in the directory) or opted to allow messages through the E-Community.

Why do I have to click on the name of a person to see if they’ve posted any contact information in the directory? Why doesn’t contact information that alumni have allowed to show just display right below the name for all records?

Having to click down into each record separately helps us ensure your privacy. We do not want people to be able to simply print a list of all information alumni have made available in the directory. The Alumni E-Community Terms and Conditions specify that contact information is not to be used to solicit or spam alumni; it’s shared to help friends stay in touch.

Couldn't find the question/answer you were looking for?

Please email the details to us and we will reply as soon as possible.